2017 Route Maintenance Survey

Thank you to all of our customers who participated in our 2017 Route Maintenance Survey conducted from September 26th through October 8th. The majority of respondents were "year-round" route maintenance customers. We are excited to announce that:

91% of respondents said they would recommend Lake Norman Pool & Spa Weekly Route Maintenance Services


The priorities of weekly pool cleaning and maintenance customers were ranked as follows: 

1. Pool water, balance, chemistry, and clarity  (score 3.74)

2. Cleanliness of the pool and deck after servicing  (score 3.37)

3. Reliability of the service (score 3.11)

4. Professionalism and Courtesy of your pool maintenance technician (score 2.46)

5. Cost of the service (score 2.31)


Our route maintenance technicians were scored as follows:

· Technical Knowledge and skills  - 4.2 Stars

· Professionalism and Courtesy - 4.4 Stars

· Follow-Through - 4.4 stars



Thank you for being a Lake Norman Pool & Spa customer. We will continue to respond to individual comments for improvement, and strive to continuously improve service to our customers.

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