Openings & Closings

Sometimes pool owners just need help getting that pool opened after a long winter, or closed after a delightful summer. Lake Norman Pool and Spa is always geared up for these tasks when the time arrives, and although every situation is different, our crews can be there to make the job easy, with the expertise to open or close in the manner best suited for your private paradise.


Although it is impossible to predict weather conditions, we are seeing many customers delay the opening of their pool later and later each year. The problem this creates is a very green pool when it is opened. We always recommend opening the pool prior to the water reaching 60 degrees; which is when algae will start to take over. For this, we strongly encourage opening your pool in March; by the end of April at the latest. A standard pool opening includes removing and folding up the cover, un-winterizing all of the equipment and adding a heavy dose of shock and algaecide. Price may vary depending on certain conditions. Please understand that we cannot open a green pool and get it clean and clear by the time we leave. We will not vacuum a pool we cannot see the bottom of. If a second trip is requested to vacuum the pool, and then there will be a second service charge to the customer. An early opening really starts off the season right!


However, if you still choose to open late or if you would just like to ensure an easy opening we would recommend that you consider using our mid-winter service. Mid-winter service includes coming out to your pool, hooking up a self-contained pump system, adding a heavy dose of shock and algaecide, and circulating the water for an hour. While the water is circulating, we will blow off the pool cover and deck, and inspect the equipment and plumbing.


At the end of a long swimming season it is very important to prepare your pool correctly for the cold winter. Whether you need a standard closing or just a water feature or cleaner line winterized we are here to meet your needs. A standard pool closing includes adding a heavy dose of shock and algaecide, winterizing all of the equipment and installing the pool cover. Price may vary depending on certain conditions. We recommend waiting until the water temperature is well below 60 degrees but it is best to wait as late as possible. The later the closing the better!

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