I don’t give reviews often at all. But LNP&S went out of their way for me a few days ago. I had a valve actuator go out the day that it was going down to 15 degrees. This is the valve that switches from pool mode to spa mode when in Freeze Protection. No one that I called had one. LNP&S told me that they had one, but it was on the service truck. The store clerk told me that she would stay late, wait for the service tech to come back, and I could swing by to pick it up! That’s right… she stayed past her closing time! Also, I have had my pool for 16 years and this service team is the ONLY one I have found in 16 years that knows more than I do regarding my Pentair automation setup. And I don’t know that much about it! All in all, a great place to do business with.

Michael S.